Safari Through Time

7 Nights and 700 Lifetimes

This is a new safari that has been a lot of fun to research and develop. It was launched in Toronto in the Fall and introduced in our last newsletter. Three of the first ten trips have been sold, and an extensive exploratory trip was completed in February.

The safari starts in our present: a span of time, measured in a single lifetime of 100 years, a period of time we can all imagine.

The journey charts a route from the Indian Ocean coast through the Rift Valley to Lake Turkana. It traces our human story to the start of Homo sapiens sapiens — self-styled wise wise man. All 7 billion of us modern humans are genetically connected 700 lifetimes ago.

This is an interactive, high level, full detail, expert interpreted journey, amongst the evidence, to the start of us. The cradle of our kind and the things that make us human, the things we share and who we are. There is probably no other travel experience like it. Find out more



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