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Professionalism with the skills and knowledge brought a sophisticated journey which captivated each one of us. Outstanding was the attention to detail, kindness, and care by all the people who served us. This extraordinary voyage brought to my heart, happiness, and peace. A living African Love song.

Haas Safari, - February 2017

There were so many special moments it is hard to isolate a single event. Rather, the trip met and surpassed all of my dreams and hopes. Sharing the trip of a lifetime with the family is something I will cherish forever.

The Goldrings, - August 2016

Watching my daughter run with the Masai, sunrise drives and watching a cheetah kill, dancing with the staff, having champagne out of the back of the vehicle with giraffe walking near us, walking over an escarpment at Lewa and having a fire and cocktails overlooking the valleys.

Armistead Family, - August 2016

What made the trip most special for us were the people. Our guides’ relationship with each place, and with the people of each place, is what made the experience unparalleled in my mind. The interactions felt true and authentic and gave our trip meaning and depth.

Whately Family, - August 2016

We didn’t realize how spoiled we were having the environment to ourselves on safari drives until we went to the Mara and saw (gasp) other vehicles!

Anonymous, - September 2016

The predawn sunrise game drives were incredible. No other vehicles, the animals just stirring, the cool air; it’s like being transported to another time when life surely must have been simpler.

Day Family, - September 2016

Everything was so beautifully done, from Willis meeting us at the airport, the beautifully presented meals, the caring and enthusiasm of the crew, and the surprises that were in store for us each day. It couldn’t have been any better.
We felt spoiled and so lucky to be there!

The Millingtons, - February 2017

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