Vilima Viatu School lights

Vilima Viatu Primary School is sandwiched between Lake Manyara National Park and Tarangire National Park in Tanzania. The community share their home with the wildlife that lives and moves between these two spaces.

With the help of some very kind guests, we were able to install a solar lights system for the whole school! As you can see, the students were really excited about this!

The lights inside the classrooms are helping the students read and learn, especially during rainy seasons and low light hours of the day.

The outside lights are helping to deter animals from entering the school grounds, and enabling staff and students to see them. As we have seen in other schools where we have installed lights, they reduce the potential for human-wildlife conflict and help to keep the students, staff and animals safe.

This project is benefitting this community and the wildlife they share their home with! A big thank you to everyone involved!

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