Zambia Tujatane Lab

A student with the new microscopes in the new lab.

In partnership with the Tongabezi Trust, and thanks to the generous donation from a guest, Tujatane School was finally able to fully equip a science laboratory where they now deliver exciting and safe practical science lessons to their students. Tujatane is near to Tongabezi lodge on the banks of the Zambezi in Zambia.

Before this project, maths and science teaching at Tujatane had been heavily textbook-based, with a limited amount of practical and investigative work, as is often the case in Zambian schools.

It is one thing to read about a Bunsen burner in a textbook, but quite another to learn how to operate one yourself. In this same vein, it is one thing to learn about cells, but quite another to see them for yourself through a microscope.

Moreover, developing scientific enquiry and decision-making skills is crucial to students success in school, work and life, especially when faced with tough decisions and important life choices. Who knows, Zambia or the world’s next top scientist could start their journey in this laboratory.

Thank you so much to everyone involved for the difference you have made to this community.

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