Mwandamo Women and Maternity

Mwandamo Women and Maternity is an organisation co-founded by Royal African Safaris Partner Hannah Strand to help improve healthcare services for women in rural Tanzania.

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Alakra supports young Tanzanian women to take control of their lives through education, skills training, and attaining jobs or starting their own businesses. It is a small organisation founded by Royal African Safaris Partner Tim Corfield, in Arusha Tanzania.

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Serengeti Wild Dog Conservation

TAWIRI’s Serengeti Wild Dog Conservation project monitors around 200 wild dogs, mitigates human-predator conflict and ensures the future health of wild dog populations in the greater Serengeti ecosystem. Your safaris with us directly contribute to the continuation of this local project.

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Education Sponsorships

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” (Nelson Mandela). We know this because we have seen it from our very own education sponsorship programme.


Dorobo Fund

The Dorobo fund is helping marginalised communities in northern Tanzania to secure the rights to their land because they believe in community-based conservation. They are helping to educate new leaders, improve livelihoods and create healthier more sustainable communities.

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Lion Landscapes - Community Camera Traps

In Ruaha, southern Tanzania, Lion Landscapes has co-developed a fantastic community camera trap program that is delivering benefits from living with lions and other wildlife.

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Thank you to those who have helped to support these and other projects previously:

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