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The northern rangelands used to be heavily poached and degraded due to instability in the region. Now with the help of Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT), communities are repairing themselves with transparent, self-governed community conservancies that protect natural resources in order to create stability, employment and revenue.

NRT supports 39 Community Conservancies which cover 103,784,260 acres of land in northern and coastal Kenya. NRT helps communities to govern their wild spaces, identify and lead development projects, build sustainable economies linked to conservation, engage in peace efforts to mend years of conflict and shape government regulations to support it all.

We are proud partners of NRT, and at the moment we are working with them to raise money to improve the facilities at a community health clinic in Laresoro. Laresoro is part of the Kalama community conservancy which borders the Samburu National Reserve. It is a remarkable area to which we often journey on safari.

The Laresoro health clinic is the only clinic in the conservancy, and it currently serves over 2500 people. The clinic provides vital medical care to this pastoralist community who live alongside the area’s wildlife. Hand in hand with the community, NRT and the Royal African Foundation have identified the following needs at the Health Clinic: a maternity facility; an ablution block; solar electricity; a solar-powered fridge and a perimeter fence.

Thank you very much to those who have donated already, your support will make such a difference to the well-being and continued care of this community who are the custodians of Kalama’s wildlife.


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