January 2020 Burma

Burma is an extraordinary country, with two faces.

Another special expedition led by Charlie and Nee Nee, who make Burma their home, is planned for January 2020. Burma remains an extraordinary destination and the recent (and often inaccurate) and bad press has helped keep its hidden gems safe.
Traditional Burma is a magical land of glittering pagodas and the crumbling remnants of many empires, a place where buffalo and oxen still work the fields and the air is filled with the soothing tones of temple bells. Everywhere you go, a serene smiling people and red-robed monks will enchant you with their grace and hospitality. Contemporary Burma, or more correctly nowadays, Myanmar, is also a nation just finding its feet as it emerges from decades of military rule. Charlie and Nee Nee will show you the truly special parts that remain off the regular tourist track and through conversations you will learn of the struggles the country has faced in the past and those that it is likely to face in the future.

Join Charlie and Nee in Burma in January 2020.

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