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The forest, wildlife, water and people are intricately connected. You cannot protect one without protecting the others.

To protect wildlife and people, Mount Kenya Trust has reconnected a 14km elephant migratory pathway between Laikipia and Samburu. This corridor has dramatically reduced human-elephant conflict and opened up a safe passage for hundreds of other species. The corridor includes an underpass underneath the busy A2 national highway and the D481 road. These keep both the wildlife and the hundreds of vehicles that use these roads daily, safe.

They have several community ranger teams, including a horse patrol team, that do patrols and rapid response to reduce poaching and forest destruction alongside KWS, as well as to assist communities with problem animals. Furthermore, MKT has installed one-way gates and community solar-powered electric fences to keep wildlife in the protected area around the mountain.

To protect the forest, its water and its people MKT runs: environmental education programmes that reach 20,000 students per year; community health programmes; community water projects and distributes wood-saving cookers (Jikos).

MKT has trained firefighting teams who provide rapid response at the first sign of forest fire on the mountain.

MKT is also trying to reforest previously deforested areas of the Mount Kenya National Park through carefully monitored agroforestry, enrichment planting, community tree nurseries, school-based woodlot and MKT’s nursery.

Your safaris are supporting the Mount Kenya Trust and their work to secure the future of this mountain ecosystem.


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