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Thanks to Lamu Marine Conservation Trust (LAMCOT), the Lamu community is committed to protecting its gorgeous marine ecosystem and the critically endangered sea turtles that nest on their beaches.

LAMCOT has an effective turtle protection programme. Community members who used to poach turtle nests are now LAMCOT nest protectors. They have realised the value of the turtles and benefit from taking visitors to watch the hatchings. LAMCOT also has a tag sponsor and release program for adult turtles. Data collected from these activities is key to monitoring the health of the critically endangered Hawksbill turtles, endangered Green turtles and vulnerable Olive Ridley turtles that nest in Lamu.

To preserve Lamu’s marine ecosystem for current and future generations, LAMCOT run education & awareness programmes. Their programmes have been very successful. They have eight environmental clubs which involve 200 children who study marine conservation issues every week. They also have education programmes to get adults excited about conserving their local environments. Showing them how conservation can be a part of their economic livelihood and way of life.

Other activities include an alternative sustainable livelihoods programme and a waste collection and management programme.

We are proud to support LAMCOT and its sustainable tourism activities which are securing the future of this special marine ecosystem.


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