Kenya and Tanzania Education Sponsorships

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” (Nelson Mandela). We know this because we have seen it from our very own education sponsorship programme. Here are three examples.

Sammy Leseita

Sammy Leseita was one of the pupils in the first classrooms we built at Kipsing Academy in Samburu County, northern Kenya. With sponsorship help, he went on to earn a Master’s degree in International Education Policy from Harvard, and he is now a powerful force for positive change working as Director of Education for the Northern Rangelands Trust. The Northern Rangelands Trust supports 39 community conservancies across northern and coastal Kenya to govern their wild spaces, identify and lead development projects and build sustainable economies linked to conservation.

Another student we are currently sponsoring is Edward and this is his story:


“I was born in a small town outside Murang’ a. I was the firstborn in a family of four, two sons, mother and father. Life went on smoothly until I was in upper primary school when tragedy knocked on our door, my parents passed away, and we became orphans. I and my younger brother’s upkeep became a great burden to us, and due to our young age, we had nothing much to do to sustain ourselves. Despite the good relationship I had with my schoolmates and teachers earlier on, this suddenly changed after the incident and continuing with our studies was cumbered with lots of struggles and financial problems. This made me feel discouraged, and my future aspirations and bright future dreams became dim, and I lost hope. This was until I met Uhuru from Royal African Safaris who adopted us, it was a great relief and we had another chance of continuing with our studies. Lucky enough, the Royal African Foundation offered me a scholarship, and I completed my high school studies. I performed well and joined Kenyatta University and enrolled for a BSC analytical chemistry with management. I am currently in the second year where I’m still benefiting from Royal African’s sponsorship. I sincerely thank the Royal African Foundation for making my dreams come true. LONG LIVE THE ROYAL AFRICAN FOUNDATION. My future aspirations are to be of help to other vulnerable members of the society, especially orphans, to make their dreams come true and enable them to be solution makers in their society.”

Finally, this is Naserian. Thanks to the donations from a very generous guest, she is currently studying a diploma in medical laboratory technology at St Johns University of Tanzania, and this is her story:


“My name is Naserian, I’m 22 years old and I’m a Maasai. I started my primary education in 2003 and completed it in 2010. I took my ordinary level and later joined the advanced level. By the grace of God, I am currently a university student and I am hoping to graduate next year with a diploma in medical laboratory technology. I love helping people and it’s the reason I engaged in a health career so I can at least help people by taking care of their health. l like to participate in community functions, especially among my people, that spread awareness about health issues, personal hygiene and the importance of education. After I graduate, I hope to start work, help my family and those around me in the best way I can. I hope to always live a healthy and good Christian life, participate in community functions and change someone’s life for the better.”

With the very generous help of guests, so far we have been able to support 33 students in Kenya and Tanzania through various stages of their educational careers. Currently, 13 students are being sponsored.

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to the sponsorship of these students. We hope to continue this programme so that more students can become forces for positive change in Kenya, Tanzania and beyond.


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