Madagascar Ecoles du Monde

Ecoles du Monde (EDM) works with communities in remote and neglected western regions of Madagascar to improve education, water and sanitation, health, agricultural skills and village economies. It also runs successful village reforestation projects, all of which is helping to reduce the degradation of the natural areas these communities inhabit.

For example, in the Village of Anjajavy, which is a 36-hour walk from the nearest road and has 1400 inhabitants, Ecoles du Monde built a school, provided school supplies and ran in-service training for teachers. It built wind-powered and manual wells, a sanitation block and a clinic and continues to pay for a midwife and a visiting optician. It also continues to run community-led sanitation training and has trained many local health workers. This investment has helped solve many of the health issues faced by this village, and it meant that a few of the women embroiderers who had trouble with their eyesight are now able to see and work again. In addition to this, EDM has built a solar-powered electricity station, provided skills training and planted fruit trees to improve the village’s economy.

As a result of EDM’s investments and training, this community is healthier, their livelihoods are more sustainable, and their environmental impact has been reduced. The same can be said for other communities they work with.

Thank you to the guests who visited Madagascar and those who donated to EDM for your contribution to its work.


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