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The East African Wildlife Society (EAWLS) has been the voice of conservation in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda for over 60 years. It promotes the protection of East Africa’s natural heritage, threatened species and habitats through its unrivalled experience and conservation expertise.

The EAWLS takes a lead role in facilitating and contributing to the formulation and implementation of policies and laws on natural resource management with a view to safeguarding ecosystems and the biodiversity therein for the socio-economic welfare of the people of East Africa. It focuses its conservation programmes on four main thematic areas: Wildlife, Forests, Wetlands and Marine Life. It has a strong community-based approach and works closely with grassroots institutions.

Its widely read Swara Magazine has been read and loved by readers the world-over since 1959. With it, the EAWLS aims to create a collaborative space for sharing information, enabling useful connections, and stimulating better public understanding and debate. The EAWLS also co-publishes the East African Journal of Ecology that focuses on scientific research in the region.

We have been members of the East African Wildlife Society since 1991, and your safaris with us contribute to its work to protect East Africa’s wilderness areas.


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