Tanzania Dorobo Fund

Land is vital, and the pressures on it continue to increase with rapidly growing populations, increased food production and changes in lifestyles.

The Dorobo Fund is helping marginalised communities in northern Tanzania to secure rights to their natural resources and traditional lands because it believes:

“When communities are empowered, when they can own, manage, and benefit from their land and resources, we are all better off”.

The fund is a big advocate of community-based conservation. Perhaps its most famous work was, in partnership with other local organisations, to help the Hadza hunter-gathering communities to secure the title deeds to 57,000 acres of land they inhabit south of Lake Eyasi. For thousands of years, the Hadza have managed these lands sustainably, supporting both themselves and the wildlife that lives there. Securing title deeds to this land gave them a legal basis to protect it and its resources upon which they depend.

There is still much more to be done, but with the Dorobo Fund helping to secure land rights, educate new leaders and improve livelihoods, there is hope for these communities and for the conservation of the wilderness areas they inhabit.

Thank you to those guests who have donated to the Dorobo Fund, for your investment in these communities and securing the wilderness areas they inhabit.

If you would like to donate to the Dorobo Fund through their 501(c)(3) please click here.

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