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B. Abbonizio

  • What drew you to Royal African Safaris’s ?

    I was drawn to RAS mainly because of its “ non corporate ” structure. It’s ability to think out of the box and it’s easy going partners.

  • What got you into guiding ?

    As a child growing up in Kenya animals and wild places were never far away. So many a school holiday was spent camping out in the Bush. I figured that there must be a way to make a living doing what you love. So here I am !

  • What is your greatest accomplishment ?

    Being able to adapt to an ever-changing and challenging industry in the hope of creating a fun and informative experience.

  • What is your Motto in life ?

    Be prepared, get the job done, be happy.

  • What drives you and what are you passionate about?

    Trying to preserve wild areas and leading exclusive trips to news areas that few people have trodden.

  • If you had one last Safari where would you go and why ?

    I would go to the Northern Frontier District of Kenya. Apart from having the best elephant sightings on the continent and an abundance of diverse wildlife it’s the people. When I first started guiding many years ago I was introduced to the Samburu people. Living their lives somewhat untouched by the pace of life on their borders. I have visited with them often over the years and have established a long term relationship with many of the tribespeople. Sitting long into the night listening to stories of old and sharing many great experiences. I will always cherish these people and their part of the world.

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