Botswana Bana Ba Metsi

‘Bana ba metsi’ means children of the water.  Bana Ba Metsi is a primary school for AIDS orphans and at-risk youth near Shakawe, right at the top of the Okavango near the northern border of Botswana. The young people recommended for admission to Bana Ba Metsi by local social workers, come from the most impoverished families, and have dropped out of primary school for behavioural or other socio-economic reasons.

Bana Ba Metsi is providing these young people with skills, knowledge, attitudes and personal qualities to re-enter the formal education system and become productive members of the community.

We have had a long relationship with the school’s founder Steve Harpt, and we provided for various needs such as staff accommodation, as the school was becoming established.

Thank you to the kind guests who helped this school to establish itself.

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